So many small and medium-sized businesses with good products/services are failing (or in the stages of failing and usually aren’t even aware) due to the insanely fast, ever-changing landscape of the Internet. The best way to thrive in the digital age is to create a strong, constantly active brand(s) which will repeatedly place you in the Internet path of your end consumer. And that’s what we are exceptional at! Before we consider accepting you as a client, we require an initial consultation.

Initial Consultation – After supplying us with the requested preliminary information, one of our consultants will speak with you to assess your needs and to determine compatibility. This initial consultation typically takes 1/2 hour. However, we do not impose a time limit on the initial consultation nor do we assess additional fees for initial consultations that exceed 1/2 hour as the initial consultation is the most important stage in the process. At the end of the initial consultation, we’ll kick-off the engagement assuming that we reach an accord.

The Engagement – It is not possible to describe the average engagement as all consulting, technical, and project work is unique to the client. For a general overview of our services, please visit

Our Fee Structure – Our consulting fees range from $95/hour to $350/hour depending on the work being performed and the consultant performing the work. We will always provide you firm quotes in advance, our billing will never exceed our quotes, and our fees are not negotiable.

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Address: 6956 East Broad Street, Suite #169, Columbus OH 43213