As a turnkey consultancy specializing in the aggressive brand development of business and individual brands, we have highly specialized skill sets in the following areas:

Product Line Evaluation and Development with Consumer Response Testing – We’ll evaluate your current product line, analyze current consumer preferences, project consumer trends over three to five years, and provide you with sound, specific recommendations to your current and future product line. In addition, we will have your current and concept products tested via live consumer response.

Brand Development – If your company, product brand, or individual brand is not a household name within your target markets, we’ll make them one through an aggressive brand development strategy. This is Internet marketing on steroids and we are exceptionally capable.

Media Production – Your brand development will be significantly based on your Internet presence via dynamic, original media that we will create together. For the highest level of excellence, we don’t outsource such an important foundation block of aggressive brand development to third parties.

Graphic and Website Design – To maximize your brands impact, we’ll create everything that is necessary for an impactful website. This includes designing, creating, and perfecting: logos, fonts, and media, website layout, individual page elements, and integration of third party systems.

Small Project and Support Services – We are always accepting graphic, website, and media projects with billable work of less than $2,000. In addition, we are always accepting clients for support in those areas. For small projects, we offer a guaranteed 30 day turnaround. For support, we provide on-demand support, 24/7, every day of the year. For small project and support services, we do require all fees be paid in advance.

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Address: 6956 East Broad Street, Suite #169, Columbus OH 43213